1993 French Brandy

Single Cask 1993 Brandy –

Early Landed, Late Bottled.

LittleBrownDogSpirits.com EXCLUSIVE

What rhymes with blonde crew jam chain dawn yak?
That’s right, French Brandy….

A special treat for our pals and bottled to celebrate the real LBD turning 13, wee smasher deserves something majestic like this.

Single cask, cask strength, natural colour and non-chill filtered.

52.1% abv 50cl – 152 bottles only.

Filled 31/12/1993 Disgorged 13/01/2021

Colour – Cola at night

Nose – Fruit market in an antique shop

Palate – Jam tarte, frozen grapes, poached pear

Finish – Toffee apples, popping candy, dark roast espresso

This brandy has only been lightly filtered so there may be some fine cask sediment present.

This is rather special liquid and the cask has been saved for a future botttling. C’est magnifique!

La vieille alliance is a reference to the auld alliance between Scotland and France.

Sláinte, Santé!