Little Brown Dog Spirits Limited is an independent bottler and micro distillery based in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

We take our name from Andrew’s beloved dog, who’s nickname was the little brown dog. She followed him everywhere on all his distillery visits and was his constant companion. She passed away in 2022 aged 15 but lives on in spirit. Two more little brown dogs, Winnie and Peedie joined the team in 2020 and 2023.

Chris and Andrew formed the company in 2018. Based on Chris’s farm we combine a passion for our surrounding area with in depth knowledge (read intense geekery) of distilling and cask maturation. 

Our goal is simple, make the best tasty things.

Whether that’s selecting the best single, most interesting single casks, or bringing a level of detail and transparency to rectified distilled spirits that is quite uncommon.

Our distillery is smaller than most. We distill and bottle on site using a 10 litre copper pot still, called the wee dug, and a 100 litre big dug for the rectification of GNS. We’ve modified the still to operate as we want them and have manuafctured our own cooling systems and copper botanical basket to gently extract the aromatics in the fresh botanicals.

As independent bottlers we make the most of our on site maturation warehouse, giving us much more control of our casks and allowing us to closely monitor the progress of each cask held there and bottle them at their peak.

With SDV accreditation for maturation, bottling and labelling we can also provide bottling services. Get in touch for more information.

Distillery 2.0 and Warehouse One. Built into the old grain store and tractor building.
Peedie – It’s Orcadian for small, not a reference to her toilet training