Little Brown Dog Spirits Limited is an independent bottler and experimental micro distillery based in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Formed in 2013, little brown dog was originally a label Andrew used to identify cask samples to share with friends. The name comes from Andrew’s nickname for his pet dog who travels with him to distilleries and tastings. The label developed into a series of whisky experiments called the projects, becoming more elaborate and complex with each year until in 2018 Andrew joined forces with his mate Chris to form the company Little Brown Dog Spirits LTD and start to develop distilled spirits as well as cask projects.  Born from a shared passion for the area we live in, experimentation, and of course, spirits. 

Our goal is simple, do what we want to do, how we want to do it and hope that a few of you will enjoy coming along for the ride.

Our distillery is smaller than most. We distill and bottle on site using a 10 litre copper pot still, called the wee dug, and a 100 litre big dug for the rectification of GNS. Our experimental spirit series are small batch projects. Each project is a one off not to be repeated and is based on a theme or idea.

Andrew – If he’s the closest thing we’ve got to being the brains behind the operation we’re in trouble
Chris is the practical one and only ever wears blue plaid shirts
The LBD, at least one of us is good looking.
We’re located on West Aquhorthies farm and have icon of Aberdeenshire, Bennachie, right on our doorstep