Our provenance is more provenancy than yours

At Little Brown Dog Spirits, we’re committed to fully disclosing our ingredient origins as well as publishing our methods. Even when that results in making things more difficult for ourselves and providing more detail than most people care about. Bring it.

projectGPS is to blame really, we were a bit miffed about some marketing materials we came across, with severe overuse of the term “provenance” without much substance to back it up so we decided to take all of our botanicals for that project from within 500 metres of the still and mark their locations by GPS and What3Words (W3W).

For LBD GIN we think it’s fun to carry on with this process and we record foraging locations by W3W. You know, because you can’t really enjoy your G&T unless you know the exact birch tree that was tapped or the 3m square where the wood sorrel was foraged… Yaldy

We’ll keep this page updated for each batch. Some of the locations will be pretty constant as some of the botanicals are only available for a few weeks of the year so we collect for a year’s production and freeze them.


LBD GIN Batch 1

Wood Sorrel – ///digests.iterative.wells
Birch Sap – ///clown.chugging.pythons
Beech Leaves – ///onlookers.masters.inversion
Parsnip – Grown – ///yours.openly.upstairs
Rhubarb – Grown – ///annotated.folk.accordion
GNS – No we don’t forage that – ///villager.whispers.sandals