Our provenance is more provenancy than yours

We’re committed to fully disclosing our ingredient origins as well as publishing our methods.

We publish the what3word locations of all our grown and foraged ingredients, so you can see exactly how foraged and how Aberdeenshire our Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin is.

Forage what we can
Grow what we cannot forage
Only buy what we cannot forage or grow sustainably

You know, because you can’t really enjoy your G&T unless you know the exact birch tree that was tapped or the 3m square where the wood sorrel was foraged… Yaldy

Scan the QR code on the back of your bottle to go straight to the specific batch information for your bottle, or click below.

We’ll keep this page updated for each batch. Some of the locations will be pretty constant as some of the botanicals are only available for a few weeks of the year so we collect for a year’s production and freeze them.

GNS – No we don’t forage that – ///villager.whispers.sandals