Linkwood 2008 Brandy Cask

Linkwood 2008 Single Cask
Finished for 6 months in our Petit Chien Brun French Brandy cask, the brandy adding an extra layer of perfume and complexity without overpowering the spirit.

The Moray Job from LBD Spirits on Vimeo.

Non-chill filtered, natural colour, cask strength

380 bottles from a single cask

Filled 10/06/08 – Disgorged 07/07/21

50cl  54.5% abv

Colour – Castrol R

Nose – melon, soor plooms, gooseberry fool

Palate – bonne maman rhubarb jam, antique shop, pruneaux

Finish – stem ginger syrup, grape nerds and black pepper