Ardmore 2009 – Single Cask


Ardmore 2009 – Single Cask
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
55.5%abv 50cl

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Ardmore 2009 – Single Cask
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
55.5%abv 50cl
Finished for 1 year in a proper PX cask that held Pedro Ximenez sherry in it for 30 years. None of this swill it around the wood nonsense.

Filled 26/11/09 – Bottled 03/05/22
285 bottles from the cask at cask strength, non chill filtered and natural colour.

The Label – This will take some explaining and first thing to say is that Alex, who helps with our label designs, wants to make it absolutely clear that she had nothing to do with this one…

Chris and Andrew first met 15 years ago when Andrew was round to look at some of Chris’s cattle. There was a Peugeot 205 just peeping out of an old shed and so the conversation turned to rallying. Chris had been quite successful rallying Peugeot 205s in the national championship and Andrew had been competing in road rallies and autotests. It’s quite possibly that dusty wee Peugeot that started a friendship, and of course Little Brown Dog.

So why a Subaru label? When we’re distilling there‚Äôs a lot to discuss during a 9 hour spirit run. Our main topics of conversation in no particular order are, distilling, the history of the second world war, rallying and in particular Colin McRae. We can both vividly remember the 1995 Championship where Colin became World Champion. As well as remembering so much about his career. He was a driver that inspired us both, his attitude, his driving style and that rumble of a Subaru flat 4.

Chris and George even rode motorbikes from Alaska to Argentina for the Colin McRae Vision charity.

We agreed that is we ever had a cask to bottle at 55.5% abv it had to have a McRae label. When the regauge came back for this Ardmore we had everything crossed the 55.5% abv would stay the same for bottling and fortunately it did!

Based on the livery of the 1995 Championship winning car, L555BAT.

Colour: Prodrive gold wheels
Nose: Tinned peaches, red grapes and coal tar.
Palate: Smooth Christmas cake…ha ha, only joking, we don’t do tasting notes like that.. Dark marmalade, nutmeg and dates.
Finish: Cinnamon and smoked almonds.



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