Chain Pier 2019 – LBD Exclusive


Chain Pier 2019 – LBD Exclusive
From a single octave
52 bottles available
59.9%vol 70cl

One per customer limit

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You know us by now hopefully, and recognise that we try to avoid marketing buzz words like the plague. When some bottles are described as limited edition, or rare and there’s “only” 20,000 available.

Well there’s no other way to describe this release than rare.

Chain Pier was a small distillery in Edinburgh and the first single malt to be produced in the city for almost a century. Built as a development distillery untill the larger Bonnington Distillery was up and running, it was only in production for about 1 year.

During its short existence only around 30 casks were ever filled, and this octave is one of those casks.

This really is rarer than a rare thing, and we are delighted to be able to share it with you.

Being rare is one thing, but the liquid still has to be good, and you should have seen us smile when we tried this for the first time. A mixture of joy and, to be honest, absolute relief, that the spirit was this excellent and fit for bottling as a Little Brown Dog.

This is thick, rich whisky, unbelievably chocolately with dried fruits and orange. It’s like dooking for oranges in a dark chocolate fountain.

We’ve only got 52 bottles of these to share with you, the smallest release we’ve produced to date and almost certainly one of the rarest whiskies we’ll ever get our hands on.

Cask Strength, natural colour and non chill filtered.




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