Glen Elgin 2009


Glen Elgin 2009
Single Cask
Sauternes Finish
54.1%vol 70cl

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A spirit as delicate and intricate as Glen Elgin deserves gentle treatment.
You have to be really careful to match spirit with wood as it would be easy to overwhelm it and loose what’s so special about it.
When we decided we needed to finish this cask at the beginning of the year, we paired it with an exceptional Sauternes cask that we imported ourselves direct from France.
Only 400 genuine Sauternes casks are released each year from the region, although many more casks are sold as Sauternes. As such dried out knackered red wine casks are sometimes lasered, then pressure washed with a sweet dessert wine and marketed as Sauternes. Casks like this would not be anywhere near as good as the real deal, hence the effort and expense we felt necessary to source the real deal.

The results have created a whisky with incredible texture and a buttery minerality, that we’re affa chuffed wae, as they don’t say in Bordeaux.

The label depicts vineyards at sunset.

Colour – Mulled Cider
Nose – Panettone, warm buttered pancakes, gooseberry jam.
Palate – Bread and butter pudding, custard and campino sweets.
Finish – Star fruit, gingerbread and yellow chartreuse.

There may be some natural sediment present as we chose to only lightly filter our casks and preserve the full flavour and mouth feel of the whisky.


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