Jamaican Rum Single Cask


Jamaican Rum
Single Barrel
58.1%vol 70cl

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A single barrel of Jamaican rum, but this one takes a little explanation of the contents.

Possibly one of the best rums we’ve bottled, maybe even one of the best casks we’ve bottled to date.

Do you like esters? We’ve got all the esters. This single barrel of Jamaican rum has a long story.

Long Pond 2005 pot stillClarendon 2007 column and pot
New Yarmouth 2005 pot stillWorthy Park 2008 pot stillBlended together into this refill barrel in 2015.

5 distillates, one mighty good rum.

Colour – Heather honey
Nose – Star fruit, muscat grapes, caramelised bananas
Palate – Gooseberry fool, lime zest, thyme
Finish – pomegranate, sponge fingers and all spice

250 bottles worldwide.


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