Little Brown Dog – Benrinnes 2012 Single Cask

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Little Brown Dog
Benrinnes 2012
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Single refill oloroso hogshead
55.4%abv 70cl

From one of our absolute favourite Speyside distilleries, this single cask Benrinnes was filled on 09/01/2012 into a refill (but seemingly still pretty active) Oloroso hogshead. We bottled it on 24/02/2023.

The label represents the iconic red chimney, so prominent in the Speyside landscape. We recommend a walk up the hill the distillery is named after on a cold clear day, and marvel at all the wee puffs of steam eminating from the many nearby distilleries, with views to the coast in the North and the Caingorms to the South and West. You can also make out the distinctive peaks of Bennachie away to the East, the hill our wee distillery sits below.

With Mortlach prices becoming out of reach for many people, Benrinnes is a great way to enjoy a robust, oily, worm tub condensed Speyside Malt and we hope you enjoy this one.

N – Custard, tinned stewed strawberries and cedar
P – Clootie dumpling, dried papaya and red laces
F – Pink grapefruit, cinnamon and jasmine tea.

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