Nc’nean 2017 STR cask


Nc’nean 2017 STR cask
Single Cask
57.9% vol 70cl

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Nc’nean 2017 STR cask 

Well this is quite a cool thing to share with you all, it’s only a single cask from one of the most exciting new whisky distilleries in Scotland!

We spent two days up at the distillery with the Nc’nean team in February and brought home this super creamy cask. It was the texture that really stood out on this one and we’re very excited to be only the second ever independent bottler to release a Nc’nean (beaten by boutique-y although we’ll be the first 70cls….IRONY!).

Speaking of irony, our launch video for the Spring 2023 casks plays on the Nc’nean tag line, made by nature, not by rules. It turns our there are rather a lot of rules, probably more so than many other industries or processes and squirrels are no use at bottling. They’re not going to let us back for a second cask are they?

The team at Nc’nean will only be working with a restricted number of indie bottlers each year so this is a rare chance to try a single cask, at cask strength, natural colour and without chill filtration.

What is an STR cask? Shaved, toasted and recharred. It seemed an appropriate pick in hindsight, as STRs were recommended by the late Dr Jim Swan, grandfather to many of the newer generation distilleries. Sadly he never got to experience the whisky from Nc’nean but we’ll raise a wee dram to him from this cask.

317 Bottles, mature beyond its years.
Colour – 1978 Mini Clubman
Nose – Cranberry sauce, marshmallow, geranium
Palate – Birch syrup, nectarine, unsalted butter
Finish – Wild raspberries and thick jersey cream

The label represents the ferns that grow on the trees in the surrounding area. If you get the chance, and have the stomach for narrow windy roads, then you’ve got to make the journey out to Drimnin. The Atlantic oaks and birch trees that line the roads are covered in ferns and thick moss, it’s like a west coast rainforest, maybe.


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