Petit Chein Brun – Single Cask Calvados


Petit Chein Brun

14 year old Calvados – Mars Cask

53.5% abv 50cl

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Petit Chein Brun – Part Deux


Continuing the scattergun approach to LBD releases we present to you…..
Petit Chein Brun – Part Deux
A single cask, cask strength, 14 year old Calvados.
Distilled by Christian Drouin in Normandy and matured for 14 years in an ex Mars Japanese Whisky Cask.
Things that are unusual about this release….
It would be rather uncommon to find a calvados of this age. VSOP is 5 years old, XO is 6 years minimum, this is 14. Why are we saying 14 so many times in one post? Possibly because we forgot put it on the label……
Also it’s unusual to find calvados as a single cask and at cask strength, let alone fully matured in a Japanese whisky cask!
Random – quite
Rare – aye, fairly
Tasty – absolute nectar.
As with all of our single cask releases this is natural colour and not chill filtered.
Colour – Autumn Leaf
Nose – Creme Caramel, Cranberry Sauce, Health Food Shop
Palate – Wild Lingonberries, Dulce de Leche, Apple Pie (obviously)
Finish – Dark Marmalade, Green Chillies, Liquorice Allsorts (the pink and blue bobbly ones).

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