Our Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin matured for 7 months in a sweet vermouth cask.
For the ultimate negroni.

70cl 46%vol

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Experimental Spirit Series 2023 Edition


Our silky, rich, Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin, matured for 7 months in a sweet vermouth cask, to create THE BEST GIN FOR A NEGRONI EVER!

Intense, complex and and luxuriously intricate gin. Meticuously constructed with the aim of turning your negroni up to 11.

Combining our skills as distillers, with our experience of cask management, we’ve balanced the petrichor and juniper of our Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin, with the gentle spice and orange zest flavours that have developed maturing in the vermouth cask.

For a negroni it’ll stand up to the 1:1:1 ratio of gin, vermouth and amaro, or be controversial and experiment with reduced amounts of vermouth, or even no vermouth you absolute rebel you.

360 bottles from a single cask, like all of our experimental spirit series releases, this is a one off, never to be repeated again.

Finalist in the 2023 Scottish Gin Awards for BEST CASK AGED GIN

70cl 46%vol
Non chill filtered and natural colour.


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