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We don’t do special editions, all of our bottles are special.
We do however produce

Our little Christmas gift to you, and something incredibly fun and interesting.

Taking our popular and highly regarded Wee Mongrel blended rum, we filled two maple syrup casks at the beginning of the year.

After 8 months in these rich and incredibly fun casks, the rum had transformed into an absolute maple deight.

We’ve got previous with maple syrup casks. 2 years ago we won best cask aged gin for #projectQUERCUSACER, our gin matured in maple syrup casks. Being unable to use this specific cask type for Scotch whisky, we thought the rum would be an excellent pairing and, having seen people’s faces light up when they try this, we think we were right!

Start with good rum, aged 8 to 15 years in refill bourbon barrels, from Panama, Venezuela and the Dominican republic. Then a further 8 months in the maple syrup casks.

The fresh wood gives an intoxicating aroma of maple syrup and almost a slight smokiness. It’s like drinking dessert, and we didn’t have to add artifical flavourings, sugar or colour to do this. Just let the maturation do it’s job.

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